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Mr. Tedonzong Tchoutezo

AAGA (The African Association of Georgia) was conceived at the Atlanta City Hall in June 1990 to plan Atlanta's native African participation in the reception of anti-apartheid leader, Nelson Mandela. After much debate, the concept of AAGA transformed into an organization that will not only address the needs of the native African community in Georgia, but one that will also build and promote goodwill and understanding among all African peoples, and the larger Georgian community.

AAGA was incorporated a year later in June 1991, as a non-profit corporation in the state of Georgia. In February 1999 it obtained a 501(c) (3) status of the IRS and in 2007 was recognized by the City of Atlanta as the official representative of Africa. AAGA promotes the goals of the African union in Georgia and by its representative nature is an African Union in miniature.

The African Association of Georgia was formed in 1990. It was the first all-African Association to be formed in the State of Georgia and remains this way to this date. Since 1990 the Association has served the Atlanta and Georgia communities in several capacities. Firstly, it has brought African peoples from all over the continent together and provided a forum for them to articulate their concerns to the leaders of the State of Georgia and the city of Atlanta, in particular. Secondly, the Association has provided a forum for indigenous Africans to dialogue with their brethren in the United States to explore ways and means to improve relationships between their communities and other communities in Atlanta and in the State of Georgia. Finally, the Association has served as a primary educational resource in this society. It has educated American children and people about the continent of Africa in a non-partisan manner and informed them of the economic and other opportunities that the continent of Africa has to offer to the United States and the rest of the world.

Some of our notable achievements in the past years have included, organizing educational programs on Africa for Americans, organizing academic symposia on major African issues pertaining to the development of the continent of Africa; organizing, in collaboration with other community groups, forums on immigration and other legal issues affecting African immigrants in the State of Georgia and in the United States etc., etc. The 1994 Celebrate Africa Cultural Extravaganza which was staged in Atlanta by AAGA with financial support from the Atlanta Committee for the Olympic Games crowned our successes.

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African Association of Georgia (AAGA)
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UMOJA NI NGUVU - (Unity is Strength)